Dreams of ecology

In the ecological sense we are all intervowen – what gets produced by one organism gets consumed by another. Wolves are shaping riverbeds by controlling the population of deers that graze away young forests. Beetles are shaping the climate. We too are food for other living beings – bacteria, viruses, and in the end – fungui. But until then, we are dividing the world in distinct categories with hard borders. This, we say, is a fish, that over there is algae. This big thing is an ocean. But would a fish be a fish without an ocean? Or are we only able to see the discontinuity in our thinking once the deep sea fish explodes from the pressure differences once we force it to the surface of the ocean?

These AI generated videos try to recreate a notion of ecology that is not artificially divided by the top-down view of maps, block diagrams and scientific taxonomies.

The videos have been shown at the Otherwise interactive exhibition in Gessnerallee, Zürich.