Hi, I'm Michail Rybakov,
a media artist and artistic researcher.
Take a look at my perfomative objects, installations and essays:

AI and the real world —
where overthinking meets stupidity

Being seen
Interweaving plants, bodies and AI
Dreams of ecology
AI dreams of ecological interconnections
Visualizing complexity
Ecologies and AI
Zuckerberg emojis
Adding human body to digital expression

on human body in the post digital world

Peekaboo screaming mirror
See yourself screaming
Naked plants
House plant home erotica
How to hug yourself, and why
An essay on self presence
Huggable Lights
A soft lamp to hit and caress
Lux Pinata
A pendant lamp you have to hit
The everyday movement of the technologically extended body
An essay on the warmth of the machines
Research into everyday movement
How the objects that surround us move our bodies

on choreography and self movement

pervert conversation
A choreography of body dissociation
Terra Trema
The movement of the photographer's hand made visible
Khrustalyov, Mashinu!
Ein Essay über die Bildsprache des Regisseurs Alexei German

on the choreography of politics

The Comeback / Die Rückkehr
Experiments in political choreography: the inauguration drive of Vladimir Putin in 2012
Political Choreography
Experiments in political choreography

on the failing and impermanence of human connection

On synchronicity and failure
A cursing installation to save the world