Die alltägliche Bewegung des erweiterten Körpers 2017
Ein Essay über die Wärme der Maschinen
Lux Pinata 2016
A soft lamp to hit and caress
Research into everyday movement 2016
How the objects that surround us move our bodies
Terra Trema 2015
The movement of the photographer's hand made visible
Khrustalyov, Mashinu! 2015
Ein Essay über die Bildsprache des Regisseurs Alexei German
Imagine 2013
On synchronicity and failure
The Comeback / Die Rückkehr 2013
Experiments in political choreography: the inauguration drive of Vladimir Putin in 2012
Political Choreography 2013
Experiments in political choreography
Gewässer 2011
A short movie based on the idea of the MONK installation. German, 11 min
Monk 2010
A cursing installation to save the world