Peekaboo screaming mirror

Peekaboo is a mirror that only reflects when you scream at it.

More and more the interaction with the world around us happens through our fingertips. Touch interfaces surround us: from laptops and smartphones to kitchen stoves, they are everywhere. This kind of limited interaction inhibits the use of our bodies to the full extent. Our bodily expression in everyday life is restricted. And all because of how the things around us are choreographing our movements.

Peekaboo is a performative object, that does not go easy on you. It resists, it is not convenient, as it takes quite some courage to scream at yourself. And yet, through the inconvenience, it mirrors you in more than one way. As the loud voice vibrates through your body, your perception of your own body sharpens - the scream acts as a trigger, a wake-up call that places you in the current space, in the current moment.

As a performative object it unfolds its full power when used in everyday life.
To illustrate this point a short film was created:

Peekaboo has been shown at the CIAO exhibition in Karlsruhe.
It gave visitors an occasion to scream and vent their emotions during the Karlsruhe Museum Night 2017.

There is a limited edition coming. You should write me to reserve your Peekaboo mirror.