Urban Medusa
Photograph of Bismarckstrasse, combined with AI generated image with boulders instead of cars and grass in place of pavement.

Urban Medusa is an AI-based creature that immobilizes all automobiles by turning them into stone and turning the paved streets into grass fields or sand dunes.

On the left: Original photograph of a dead end in Veilchenstrasse. On the right: image combined with AI generated landscape based on recognized cars.

Just imagine for a moment a future in which we do not have to give up our communal living space to cars.

The images are AI-generated based on photographs of the streets of Karlsruhe, Germany. One algorithm recognizes cars and pavement, and marks them for replacement. Another one (NVIDIA GauGAN) replaces the cars with stones and boulders, turning paved streets into grass and fields.

Georg-Friedrich Strasse, Karlsruhe
Schützenstrasse, Karlsruhe
Adlerstrasse, Karlsruhe
Bismarckstrasse, Karlsruhe
Ettlinger Strasse, Karlsruhe
The future of the Autobahn.