Zuckerberg emojis

Squint your eyes!

You’d think an emoji would be a clear and precise representation of an emotion. However the difference in rendering on different devices provides a great potential for miscommunication.

But even on the same platform, the kind of emotional reaction you may express is curated through the choice and design of available emojis. Take Facebook for example. The five Facebook emojis give you broad expressive capabilities, yet their design is very specific - and close to the extreme ends of the emotional scale. When using emojis, we wear these slightly too big masks of these particular, predefined facial expressions. We are becoming them.

I decided to reverse the process, to add body to the digital expression. That body should be, of course, that of Mark Zuckerberg.

Here are the results, created through disembodied neural networks.

I think CNNMRF grew the eyes from the hair, from the imagined eyebrows it found.

Stickers for Telegram now available: https://t.me/addstickers/cursedmark

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